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Magnesium implants for bone growth

Date: 2016-06-01
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Date: 2016-06-01
Author: 佚名
Source: 互联网
Views: 52

According to the "monthly review" magazine recently reported magnesium, researchers advanced materials Engineering College South Korea Kookmin University and other research centers in South Korea announced that researchers have developed a magnesium based orthopedic implant materials, the degradation in human body safety and promote bone formation.
Over the past 10 years, numerous studies have been conducted to control the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of magnesium based alloys. Magnesium based alloys degrade in the physiological environment. The goal is to overcome the shortcomings of inert implant materials and change the paradigm of traditional bone fixation devices.
The degradation of Mg5CaIZn alloy formation under the control of matrix degradation in imitation of calcification and biological bone interface, start the formation process, this process can promote early bone healing during the year by the new bone implant completely replace the biodegradable magnesium implant materials.
There have been 53 successful long-term clinical studies.
Studies have shown that through a year of clinical trials, magnesium alloy gradually degraded and almost indistinguishable from the implanted material. When the degradation at the beginning of new bone growth in the original position, the chemical composition of adjacent implants - bone interface showed that Mg (OH) 2, crystallization products to imitate human natural calcified matrix, resulting in resorption of osteoclasts by stimulating osteoclast bone formation. The continuous degradation of magnesium alloy and the formation of bone made the implant disappear and new bone appeared.

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