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China's superfine magnesium alloy powder and manufacturing technology lead the world

Date: 2016-11-25
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Date: 2016-11-25
Author: 佚名
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According to the "China magnesium" reported recently by the national 973 project chief scientist Professor Zhang Tao of the Beihang University as the core research and development team Linjiang magnesium industry limited company, jointly issued the first domestic fineness index reached 1000-3000 to ultrafine powder and manufacturing system for magnesium alloy research achievements. Through expert evaluation, the successful development of the technology, equipment, equipment and preparation technology fills the gap of the same industry in the world, and achieves the advanced level of the same industry in the world.
At the meeting, a number of experts in the relevant fields of China's non ferrous metal industry said that magnesium is the third largest metal engineering material after iron and aluminum, and magnesium is regarded as the most potential green metal for development and application in twenty-first Century. The resources of China's magnesium resources are widely distributed, and the total reserves are 22.5% of the world, ranking first in the world. The fine processing and efficient utilization of magnesium resources will effectively alleviate the tension of iron, aluminum and other metal resources.
The chairman of the board of directors, the gold foundation group Linjiang magnesium industry group chairman Chang Wenguang introduced on the domestic market of magnesium powder, mainly concentrated in 150 orders within the complex process of high cost, mostly for industrial production needs, only a small amount of space for the completion of the use of. The production of fineness of 1000 mesh to 3000 mesh magnesium alloy powder, the main physical and chemical indicators as international, reach international military standard, will bring great economic and national defense benefit in national defense industry, energy, automobile, aerospace and other fields.
After the evaluation by experts, it is considered that the achievement has reached the international advanced level, which is of great significance for realizing the safe production of superfine magnesium alloy powder and improving the quality of magnesium products and broadening the application fields. The achievements of this technology will fill the gap in the field of technology in the same industry in the world. It is a leading technology in the world and will play an important role in promoting technological innovation in aerospace, defense and military industries.
Professor Zhang Tao of Beihang University has made a detailed project report on the development of "superfine magnesium alloy powder and manufacturing system". He believes that the application of new research and development of advanced technology and international advanced equipment atomization powder, superfine magnesium powder production and achieve fine development, is conducive to the industrialization of the achievements of the laboratory, in practical application, and constantly improve the technology, will fill our blank in the rare metal refining production field.

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