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The world's first magnesium alloy lightweight electric cars offline

Date: 2016-11-26
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Date: 2016-11-26
Author: 佚名
Source: 互联网
Views: 54

The density of only magnesium alloy 2/3, steel, and 2/9 magnesium material is considered as one of the lightweight directions of car body. After overcoming the five core technical problems, the world's first magnesium alloy lightweight electric passenger car was rolled out in Shandong. This 8.3 meters long, 24 seat electric bus body skeleton all adopt magnesium alloy material, relative to steel material realize weight loss 780Kg, relative to aluminum alloy material weight loss 110Kg.
Institute of Metal Research Fellow Yang Yuansheng said that the current strength of magnesium alloys and the mainstream stiffness is higher than that of Aluminum Alloy, has good electromagnetic shielding performance, damping and cushioning performance is superior, and Recyclable, which makes it become the perfect lightweight body materials. But it is not easy to apply the lightest metal structural materials to electric vehicles, including key technologies such as component design, profile equipment, material connection and surface treatment.
According to relevant information, because of technical bottlenecks, the United States car prices only achieved the 40Kg magnesium alloy material applied to the car, while China's car enterprises only in the steering wheel used less than 1Kg magnesium alloy. But just unveiled the world's first car lightweight magnesium alloy electric bus, after overcoming the difficulties mentioned above, successful use of magnesium alloy 226Kg material to replace Aluminum Alloy and steel materials, is a breakthrough in the automobile industry.
It is understood that the development of the car with Yang Yuansheng as the chief expert, also attracted the attention of domestic magnesium processing field of the top enterprises to participate in the development of electric enterprises, terminal manufacturers and star electric bus companies have joined the research team. The electric passenger car just released has achieved the effect of increasing mileage, reducing braking distance and reducing noise inside and outside of the car.

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