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Date: 2017-02-20
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Date: 2017-02-20
Author: 佚名
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Views: 59

Magnesium battery water Jiangsu Zhongke Asia New Material Co. Ltd. and China Jiaxing Institute of light alloy technology engineering center jointly developed, designed to give full play to the magnesium alloy as the cathode light characteristics, the monomer battery capacity has been effectively improved, 1.5 times more than carbon zinc batteries. Unique water battery design and magnesium air battery design, it has a long storage capacity, as an emergency storage battery, with high capacity, long storage time, easy to use and so on. Disposable water magnesium battery current development has been gradually market-oriented, magnesium water battery production and No. five specification has already formed the scale, LED power supply, emergency flashlight, outdoor lamp storage battery and charging treasure for the magnesium water battery R & D products will also be on the market. The future will be formed in the magnesium alloy profiles, surface protection, magnesium batteries and other fields of new products, expanding the market, built in the field of magnesium alloy application technology, comprehensive, sustainable development of high-tech companies.

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