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Ten major events in the magnesium industry in 2016

Date: 2017-02-23
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Date: 2017-02-23
Author: 佚名
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1, Xi Jinping inspects Qinghai, pays attention to the magnesium alloy, the new material and so on Industry
On August 22, 2016, general secretary Xi Jinping arrived in Qinghai Saline Lake industrial Limited by Share Ltd potash branch terminal, here listening to the introduction of the comprehensive utilization of the development of circular economy in Qaidam Basin and Saline Lake resources, understand the production and operation of enterprises, upgrading of industrial technology, new materials such as magnesium alloy.
Xi Jinping pointed out that Saline Lake is the most important resource in Qinghai. We should formulate the correct resource strategy, strengthen top-level design, and make good use of the development. Recycling is a requirement to change the mode of economic development, and the whole country should follow this path. Qinghai should do well in this matter and play an exemplary role. Qinghai resources and national resources, to have the whole country thought, in the premise of protecting the ecological environment in the development and utilization of.
2, the nonferrous metal industry "13th Five-Year" development plan released in many aspects involving magnesium industry
In October 18, 2016, the Ministry of industry and information issued "the development plan of the nonferrous metal industry (20162020 years)" or "13th Five-Year" of nonferrous metal industry development planning.
"Planning" in many aspects involving magnesium industry: "13th Five-Year" period focus on the development of magnesium alloy materials including aerospace with high strength magnesium alloy large size complex casting, high strength and heat resistant magnesium alloy large size extrusion / forging, 3C magnesium alloy precision casting products with low cost, large high formability of magnesium alloy strip. The use of magnesium alloy precision die-casting parts and other auto lightweight structures; encourage magnesium processing enterprises to establish efficient collaborative design platform development, through e-commerce, big data, cloud platform, the response of downstream users customization, processing and distribution requirements.
3, the world's first magnesium alloy lightweight electric bus assembly line
In September 29, 2016, the world's first magnesium alloy lightweight electric bus was rolled out in Shandong. This 8.3 meters long, 24 seat electric bus body skeleton all adopt magnesium alloy material, relative to the steel material to achieve weight loss of 780 kg, relative to aluminum alloy material weight loss 110 kg.
It is understood that the electric passenger car to achieve "improve mileage, reduce braking distance, reduce noise inside and outside the car" effect.
4, magnesium alloy booster Long March seven rocket debut success
In June 25, 2016, China's new generation carrier rocket, long march seven, launched successfully at the Wenchang space launch site in Hainan. Learned from the Institute of metal, development of the design of the important parts of magnesium alloy used in the rocket Long March seven, its first success provides an important technical support, but also shows the high strength magnesium alloy casting technology and application of the key to progress in!
5, Ding Wenjiang won the Shanghai two years of science and Technology Award for meritorious service
In April 18, 2016, the Shanghai Municipal Science and technology award 2015 annual list released in accordance with the "Regulations", the Shanghai Municipal Science and technology awards, after the initial evaluation, expert review, a total of 313 (people) won the 2015 Shanghai Municipal Science and technology awards. Among them, the biennial Award for science and technology hero awarded Jin Yaqiu, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Ding Wenjiang.
6, Pan Fusheng served as president of the ISO International Organization for standardization of magnesium alloys
After in the United States, Japan and Germany, Britain and France, Russia, Italy, South Korea, Australia and other members of the vote, Chongqing University professor Pan Fusheng served as chairman of the Committee for magnesium and magnesium alloy technology ISO ISO post, a term of 6 years. This is highly recognized by the international organizations for the status of China's magnesium and magnesium alloys industry. It is also a high affirmation of Pan Fusheng's academic level and research and development work in the field of magnesium and magnesium alloys.
7, the Nineteenth Annual Meeting of the magnesium branch will be held in Yingkou
On October 12, 2016 -14, the Nineteenth Annual Meeting of the magnesium industry association and the national magnesium industry conference was held in Liaoning, Yingkou province. More than 400 delegates from various fields of the magnesium industry attended the meeting. Experts believe that the industry should be a collaborative effort, "13th Five-Year" period, and strive to achieve the industrialization of magnesium, scale, market and standardization, and the State Intellectual Property Rights and other aspects of the significant progress and breakthrough.
Annual meeting of the new Council election, elected the fourth branch of the Magnesium Industry Council and the executive member of the Council, the newly elected president of the magnesium branch Xu Jinxiang, vice president and Secretary General of the sun, and add some of the new member.
8, deputies to the people's Congress Chen Ailian suggested that we should attach importance to and promote the healthy development of China's magnesium industry from a strategic point of view
NPC and CPPCC on 2016, the twelve National People's Congress, wanfenaote holdings chairman of the board of directors Chen Ailian, according to China's current resources and capacity and resources, from the perspective of the development of the industry, put forward to promote the healthy development of China magnesium industry policy suggestions.
9, Wanfeng magnesium at lightweight technology won the 2016 annual awards casting
Wanfenaote Holdings Group under the development of magnesium at the company car Diecast Magnesium Alloy Technology awarded by the American Foundry Association awarded the annual casting award. The production and development of this technology is currently only Magnesium Company to master reading.
The magnesium alloy casting from the original steel sheet metal parts by anus plastic welding, need special reinforcement area by magnesium alloy casting replace. It is understood that the casting will be applied to Chrysler's Pacifica models in 2017.
10, Chongqing University and Wenxi silver magnesium magnesium alloy project won the International Magnesium Association excellent craft Award
The seventy-third world magnesium conference was held in Italy, Rome on 15-17 May 2016, and more than 200 delegates from 24 countries and regions worldwide attended the meeting.
National Institute of magnesium alloys, Chongqing University

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