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发布时间: 2017 - 04 - 27
Corrosion fluid distributionAfter each etching of the board, a certain amount of nitric acid is added, and the amount of magnesium is added according to the amount of etching before and after etching.Select filmThe selected film is different and the etching pattern will be different. Selective etchingErosion thickness of 0.6 -7.0, respectively, according to how much thickness of the board to choose.      PrintThe principle of the exposure machine is to transfer the image information of the film to the photoresist which is coated with photosensitive film by emitting ultraviolet rays.DevelopmentThe exposure of the exposure machine should be put into the sodium hydroxide (base) containing about 3%-5% to develop, and in general, take out after 5-10 seconds.&#...
发布时间: 2017 - 02 - 21
Gilding processMagnesium plate gilding process1, because of the heat transfer of magnesium plate is fast, the heat conduction is even. Therefore, in the gilding process, the gilding process temperature is slightly lower than the traditional zinc and copper plate 10-20 degrees centigrade.2, because the magnesium plate density is small, the weight is lighter. Therefore, in the process of sticking, it is recommended that the plywood (glued board) be extended for 1-2 minutes to facilitate the bonding of the magnesium plate and gilding machine.
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